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for every new set, usually we will have it after it published in 1 month, such as the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, it’s published on Sep 24 2021, we have it on Nov 15th 2021. if you can’t find the cards you want, mail us.

 We can ship to all over the world!! don’t ask me whether we can ship to your country, we can ship to everywhere, but if you are on the moon, sorry, I can’t do it.

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New Arrivings

June 13th 2024, the most popular MH3, SLD mtg proxy comes. , including 41 new cards and 12 old cards reprinted. All are the most popular cards here is the list:

New Cards

NoHolo Cards List:
1 Goblin Welder [Urza’s Legacy (ULG)]
1 Gush [Eternal Weekend (PEWK)]
1 Ponder [Eternal Weekend (PEWK)]
1 Thada Adel, Acquisitor [Worldwake (WWK)]

Holo Cards List:
1 Ulamog, the Defiler #383 [Modern Horizons 3 (MH3)]
1 Ulamog, the Defiler #15 [Modern Horizons 3 (MH3)]
1 Emrakul, the World Anew #6 [Modern Horizons 3 (MH3)]
1 K’rrik, Son of Yawgmoth #365 [Modern Horizons 3 (MH3)]
1 Grief #46 [SPG]
1 Subtlety #45 [SPG]
1 Nethergoyf #454 [Modern Horizons 3 (MH3)]
1 Defense of the Heart #80 [Wilds of Eldraine: Enchanting Tales (WOT)]
1 Pest Control #52 [The Big Score (BIG)]
1 Collector’s Cage #31 [The Big Score (BIG)]
1 Aether Vial #1640 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]
1 Teferi’s Protection #1691 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]
1 Wheel of Potential #336 [Modern Horizons 3 (MH3)]
1 Jace, the Mind Sculptor #8001 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]
1 Lara Croft, Tomb Raider #1501 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]
1 Shadowspear Totec’s Spear #1505 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]
1 Academy Ruins #1506 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]
1 Tinybones, Trinket Thief #1407 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]
1 Geier Reach Sanitarium #1408 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]
1 Powerbalance #335 [Modern Horizons 3 (MH3)]
1 Powerbalance #131 [Modern Horizons 3 (MH3)]
1 Worldwalker Helm #37 [Modern Horizons 3 (MH3)]
1 Generous Plunderer #41 [The Big Score (BIG)]
1 Tribute to the World Tree #211 [March of the Machine (MOM)]
1 Thought-Knot Seer #1151 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]
1 Reality Smasher #1153 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]
1 Eldrazi Temple #1154 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]
1 It That Betrays #1176 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]
1 Planar Nexus #80 [Modern Horizons 3 Commander (M3C)]
1 Winter Moon #462 [Modern Horizons 3 (MH3)]
1 Orim’s Chant #323 [Modern Horizons 3 (MH3)]
1 Simulacrum Synthesizer #6 [The Big Score (BIG)]
1 Azusa, Lost but Seeking #1234 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]
1 Flare of Malice [Modern Horizons 3 (MH3)]
1 Collector’s Cage #66 [The Big Score (BIG)]
1 Swamp #119 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]
1 Burgeoning #408 [Secret Lair Drop (SLD)]

Old Cards

NoHolo Cards list:
1 Plateau [Unlimited]
1 Savannah [Unlimited]
1 Scrubland [Unlimited]
1 Badlands [Unlimited]
1 phyrexian dreadnought [Mirage(MIR)]
1 Chrome Mox [Secret Lair 30th Anniversary Countdown Kit (SLC)]
1 Gaea’s Cradle [Urza’s Saga]
1 Mox Ruby [Beta]
1 Counterbalance [Coldsnap]

Holo cards list:
1 The Great Henge – The Party Tree #348 [Tales of Middle-earth Commander (LTC)]
1 Grief #87 MH2 [MH2]
1 Legolas’s Quick Reflexes #493 [Tales of Middle-earth Commander (LTC)]

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