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We focus on providing the high quality MTG proxies for players looking for a cheaper way to play, whether it be at your LGS for FNM, big major tournaments, cubes, or kitchen table fun with friends.

for every new set, usually we will have it after it published in 1 month, such as the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, it’s published on Sep 24 2021, we have it on Nov 15th 2021. if you can’t find the cards you want, mail us.

 We can ship to all over the world!! don’t ask me whether we can ship to your country, we can ship to everywhere, but if you are on the moon, sorry, I can’t do it.

1, single cards list promotion
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2, fixed set promotion
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for example, if you buy the lands set+EDH set+vintage set, then total prices will be 50+50 = $100, the vintage set will be free.(usually the free set value can’t more than the set you bought)         
3, free shipping promotion. 
— any order after discount > $100, we do normal free shipping(15-40 days), or the shipping cost is $10; 
— any order after discount > $300, we do express free shipping(3-7 days), or the express shipping cost is $33. 

New Arrivings

Dec 28th 2021, More popular hologram cards are coming. please check the video for more details. here is the new cards we published:
1 Agadeem’s Awakening & Agadeem, the Undercrypt extended art [ZNR Zendikar Rising] –doubled faced card
1 Agadeem’s Awakening & Agadeem, the Undercrypt [ZNR Zendikar Rising] –double faced card
1 Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger [Secret Liar Drop (SLD)]
1 Grenzo, Havoc Raiser [Conspiracy: Take the Crown (CN2)]
1 Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast [Conspiracy: Take the Crown (CN2)]
1 Emerald Medallion [Commander Anthology (CMA)]
1 Jet Medallion [Commander 2014 C14]
1 Pearl Medallion [Commander 2014 C14]
1 Ruby Medallion [Commander Anthology Volume II (CM2)]
1 Grave Pact [Commander Anthology Volume II (CM2)]
1 Intrepid Adversary basic art [Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID)]
1 Lier, Disciple of the Drowned [Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID)]
1 Elenda, the Dusk Rose [Rivals of Ixalan (RIX)]
1 Surgical Extraction [Modern Masters 2015 MM2]

Finally, Usea’s 4th batch metal proxy cards has been produced out on Jan 6th 2022.

1 Muldrotha, the Gravetide(metal) [DOM]
1 Mox Jet(metal) [Unlimited-black border]
1 Mox Sapphire(metal) [Unlimited-black border]
1 Mox Ruby(metal) [Unlimited-black border]
1 Mox Emerald(metal) [Unlimited-black border]
1 Mox Pearl(metal) [Unlimited-black border]
1 Prossh, Skyraider of Kher(metal) [Commander Legends]
1 Thrasios, Triton Hero(metal) [Commander Legends]
1 Tymna the Weaver(metal) [Commander Legends]
1 Winota, Joiner of Forces(metal) [Ikoria]
1 Kookus(metal) [Visions VIS]

1, The video above is published on 20th Jan 2022, it’s some metal cards we customized for our buyers. you can see, it’s very beautiful, best gift for your friends.

2, For the cutomized metal cards, you can choose any card for CUSTOMIZED( at least 3 pieces each)

3, The metal cards also enjoy our promotion. you can buy the paper cards and metal cards together.

any order is more than $100, you will get a random metal cards for free!

What mtg proxy cards can you offer?

we offer 2300+ mtg proxy cards in our website, we still update our list every week. If you can’t find the cards you want in our single cards list, you can mail us or wait for more time until we produce it out.

  1. buy single cards list(advising use PC broswers to check this link)
  2. buy fixed sets

How to buy?

We offer single cards and fixed set. you can buy single cards or fixed set or both of them. We will calculate the cards prices for you as our promotion. here is processing of placing the order.

  1. check the fixed set and single cards list in our website
  2. choose the fixed set or single cards you want to make the cards list
  3. contact us with your cards list
  4. we calculate the cards prices for you as your list and sent the request to your paypal/credit card/google pay
  5. you pay it and we ship the pacakge out with the tracking number
  6. if you can’t get the package or the cards are broken, please contact us firstly, we will do refund or reship for you.

How is your mtg proxy cards quality?

How to contact with you?

  1. mail us: undergroundsea@outlook.com
  2. telegram: Jimmylu
  3. use the chat on the bottom at this web page

How can I trust you? Do I have the buyer protection?

You have nothing to worry about when placing an order with us. PayPal is the safest way when buying goods online, so that alone should make you rest easy. In regard to buyer protection:

  1. If you do not receive the MTG PROXIES cards you bought, we will refund in full.
  2. If you find cards missing from your order, we will refund the missing cards.
  3. If the cards are damaged, we will refund the cost of the damaged cards.
  4. you also can open a dispute, but I suggest you to contact with us firstly as usually we can solve the problem for our buyers without dispute.

Where do you ship from? How long can I get my package?

  • We ship from China
  • Usually we ship the package out in 2 working days
  • Normal shipping: 15-40 days(some countries will have longer shipping, such as Brazil, Chile)
  • Express shipping: 3-7 days