The Best Steals and Deals From March of the Machine: The Aftermath

An already-forgotten Standard release, but incredible for budget players. Released in May, March of the Machine: The Aftermath was Wizard of the Coast’s first foray into releasing a micro-Standard expansion, offering a buffer post-March of the Machine while tying up loose ends beforeWilds of Eldraine in September. Since this was a mini-release, there are only 50 cards in … Read more

The Financial Impact of Realms and Relics in LOTR: Tales of Middle-earth

Stunning reprints at affordable prices. Magic: The Gathering’s The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth is a Universes Beyond set released on June 23. Tales of Middle-earth features new-to-MTG cards depicting many iconic characters and locations from The Lord of the Rings book and movie series. Players can acquire cards from the main set as singles or sealed products containing Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters. … Read more

6 Commander Lessons You Need to Learn for 2024

Update your play (and your decks) to 2024. Another year is in the books, and it sure has been a big one for Commander. With tons of Commander products, two Universes Beyond expansions and a plethora of sets, the landscape of your average EDH game is changing rapidly. It’s hard to keep up with the … Read more

MTG Modern Rakdos Evoke Deck Guide

How to Grief your opponent and send them into a Fury. Rakdos Evoke exploded back onto the Modern scene in the last months after a long time as a known and dismissed archetype. Despite almost no new improvements, Rakdos has found a niche in the Modern metagame where it can succeed as the format slowly shifts away … Read more

What is a Confetti Foil in Magic: The Gathering?

Bringing a new kind of dazzle to Magic: The Gathering. With every Magic: The Gathering release, it seems Wizards of the Coast want to bring something new and exciting to the table, often taking inspiration from Pokémon when creating exotic card variants. The same is true for Wilds of Eldraine, the highly-anticipated Standard release that hopes to … Read more

How to Build an Enchantment Commander Deck in MTG

Gain an enchanting advantage. Magic: The Gathering, and Commander in particular, is often driven by how efficient you can be with your cards. Few card types exemplify this efficiency better than enchantments, as the synergies that have been built into the card type include ways to generate value over time, including crucial card advantage engines. … Read more

Is Orcish Bowmasters Still Commander’s Boogeyman?

We’re just Boromir living in a Bowmasters world. We’ve now been sitting with The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth for two months and its effects on the competitive (cEDH) and casual Commander metagame have been quite pronounced. Several new cards have been making impacts on the format, some more flashily than others. The One Ring prevents my favorite … Read more

Top 8 Best Enchanting Tales MTG Cards You Should Buy Right Now

Commander and Modern staples at affordable prices. In recent years, various Magic: The Gathering Standard expansions have incorporated bonus sheets to aid the Limited format, but these also serve as an excellent opportunity to snap up once-expensive cards at a much more affordable rate. Take The Brothers’ War: Retro Artifacts, where cards such as Mox Amber, Helm of the … Read more