The Most Prized Pre-Orders of Dominaria Remastered: Tutoring Up Value

No gamble with these pre-orders.

Dominaria Remastered is packed full of cards that are worth their weight in gold. The reprint set is clearly going out of its way to provide value to buyers, putting a number of high demand items back into circulation. 

The set is clearly catering to certain parts of the market, in particular providing reprints of some solid legendary creatures and clear Commander staples, so you can expect the game’s most popular casual format to be doing some heavy lifting when it comes to the set’s overall valuation.

While there are many cards worth highlighting from DMR, including chase cards like Force of Will, there is a cycle of five cards (and an honorable mention in the same thematic vein) that I recommend acquiring while they’re still quite affordable for pre-order: the cycle of one mana tutors. 

#1 Vampiric Tutor

Commander Legends | Mythic

Vampiric Tutor - Commander Legends - magic

Market Price: $29.2

The unquestioned king of the one mana value tutors, Vampiric Tutor is always going to be in demand. A measly one mana and two life to make your next draw your best card (or, at least, the card you need) is an impressively small price to pay. 

While Demonic Tutor may often get the vote for most powerful tutor overall, Vampiric is a close second. As an added bonus, the new borderless full art variant by Richard Kane Ferguson is sure to grab the attention of collectors and even better retain its value than the already in-demand card. 

#2 Enlightened Tutor

Eternal Masters | Rare

Enlightened Tutor - Eternal Masters - magic

Market Price: $17.30

The second best of the one mana value tutors would have been up for debate for awhile, but enchantments have grown substantially in power over time and artifacts have almost always been a powerhouse card type. You also have the option of picking up the Richard Kane Ferguson variant of this card too, which collectors should strongly consider. 

Enlightened Tutor picks up a lot of combo pieces and should always be considered for a deck slot. Whether you’re grabbing either half of Heliod, Sun-Crowned x Walking Ballista or otherwise playing out some powerful pieces, Enlightened Tutor can get you some of the best cards in the game. 

#3 Worldly Tutor

Commander Collection: Green | Rare

Worldly Tutor - Commander Collection: Green - magic

Market Price: $10.81

While green has gotten increasingly good at drawing cards and even tutoring, for the longest time worldly tutor was one of the only options to reliably get your best creatures in the most creature-focused color. That may have changed, but Worldly Tutor is still one of the best options in the toolbox. 

While not as flexible as Vampiric Tutor and with a little less combo potential than Enlightened (if only because your Worldly Tutor targets are more likely to get Murdered), finding the right creature for any occasion is just great. Once again, Ferguson has provided his substantial talent for the borderless variant, which I’ll continue to recommend.

#4 Mystical Tutor

Eternal Masters | RareDetailsPrice History

Mystical Tutor - Eternal Masters - magic

The last of the tutors with tutor in the title, Mystical Tutor has dipped a bit in value over time but is nonetheless still more than worth picking up. Being able to grab an instant or sorcery at instant speed is perfectly solid, but is a little harder to combo off with and may be less impressive than some of blues innumerable other instant speed effects.

All that entirely aside, an instant speed tutor is an instant speed tutor. Just because blue has a truly stunning pile of options doesn’t negate that, and this is more than worth picking up while its affordable. Double so for the Richard Kane Ferguson alternative, as much as I now sound like a broken record. 

#5 Gamble

Secret Lair Commander: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose | Rare

Gamble - Secret Lair Commander: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose - magic

The last in this cycle in all but name, Gamble is red’s option for one mana value tutor. It’s almost Demonic Tutor! We all want a spicy Demonic Tutor, and you cannot get any spicier than potentialy wasting a card to tutor for nothing. Don’t let that get you down though, as you can build your deck to take full advantage of this randomness.

Gamble has actual zero downside if you’re digging for something that you can reanimate— either you get a card you can play or you can pull it back with your favorite Animate Dead. Or, if you’re in mono red, just embracing the roll of the dice is fun in and of itself. While it isn’t an RKF piece, the borderless variant is also more than worth consideration.

Honorable Mention: Entomb

Ultimate Masters | Rare

Entomb - Ultimate Masters - magic

In something of a color pie imbalance, black actually has several more very powerful one mana tutors. While Imperial Seal is nowhere to be found here, Entomb is a card that has been reprinted several times now and consistently continues to crawl back up in price. 

It gets an honorable mention on power alone, but it also gets my pick for most recommended pre-order overall. While it isn’t innately the most valuable (that honor again goes to the chase Force of Will), I’m always looking for cards that meet a balance between current affordability and sustained demand. Entomb hits both criteria perfectly, so grab them while they’re still affordable!