Top 10 Lands for Land-Focused Commander Decks

High-quality real estate.

Hello lovely readers! Like any millennial during Thanksgiving, I was reminded about the cold hard fact that the only land I will ever own in my lifetime will be in the form of tiny square pieces of cardboard in a children’s card game.

Lord Windgrace
Slogurk, the Overslime
The Gitrog Monster

Whilst in the haze of a gravy-induced coma, I thought it best to write out my torrid feelings on real estate in this week’s article about the best lands to include in your “lands matter” Commander decks. Don’t worry, no credit score or six-figure down payment needed! (Three-figure down payment may be required.)

#10: Blast Zone

The Brothers’ War | Rare

Blast Zone - The Brothers' War - magic

Is your deck Charli XCX? Because you’re gonna bring the BOOM CLAP with Blast Zone in your list!

Blast Zone is one amazing utility land that is incredibly underplayed. While yes, most lands are often utilized for mana, this land was made to explode, functioning as widespread removal depending on how many charge counters you place on it. This is definitely a sleeper land that opponents often forget is present on the board until it’s all too late.

Whether you’re looking to destroy an army of creatures or simply remove your opponent’s Sol Ring, Blast Zone is a fun add-on in any land deck!

#9: Treasure Vault

Adventures In The Forgotten Realms | Rare

Treasure Vault - Adventures in the Forgotten Realms - magic

More mana? No problems here! Treasure Vault is a new card from the recent Adventures in the Forgotten Realm set. This land gives you treasure beyond your wildest dreams… in the form of Treasure tokens! You can tap for colorless in the short term, or pay out later on in the game to gain Treasure tokens that allow you create colored mana instead. Either way, Treasure Vault can come in handy when you least expect it.

#8: Ancient Tomb

Ultimate Masters | Rare

Ancient Tomb - Ultimate Masters - magic

Market Price: $64.78

Have you ever wanted to cut two lands? Ancient Tomb beacons you to do this! After all, it allows you to tap for two colorless (never mind the 2 damage it deals to you). In fact, even with the damage tacked onto this two colorless pipped land, it still reigns supreme over Temple of the False God which requires you to have a minimum of five lands on the battlefield before you can even utilize it. Ancient Tomb, on the other hand, is more than willing to give you that two colorless mana on turn one… all you have to do is take a Shock to the face each time you tap it. Fair, right?

#7: Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle

Zendikar | Rare

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle - Zendikar - magic

Market Price: $17.76

As a red player, I am pretty biased when it comes to the ultimate glory, beauty, and all-around rugged good looks of Valakut. This red-tapping land is the very essence of mono-red aggro itself, dealing 3 damage to target creature or player whenever a Mountain comes into play under your control.

To be fair, it does take awhile for this land to warm up (needing exactly five Mountains for it to blow). However, you can just run a Scapeshift to make this land erupt as soon as possible.

#6: Rogue’s Passage

Commander: March Of The Machine | Uncommon

Rogue's Passage - Commander: March of the Machine - magic

I like to call Rogue’s Passage the opponent-killing land. For just a meager four mana, you can make your commander (or any other creature for that matter) unblockable.

Whether you want a massive Eldrazi to make contact, or you simply want your commander’s damage to connect, this Passage makes sure you reach your desired destination. Another fun quality about this land is that you don’t necessarily have to choose your own creature to be unblockable. In fact, this land can be utilized in political situations mid-game and can target any creature on the battlefield at any time! Rogue’s Passage cares not for honor, it merely seeks destruction… and salt.

#5: Thespian’s Stage/Vesuva

Thespian's Stage

Market Price: $10.28

What’s yours is mine! Vesuva and Thespian’s Stage Both have the ability to become a copy of any land on the battlefield. Any land.

The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

Market Price: $2500.00

Dark Depths

Have you always wanted to run a Tabernacle in your deck? NOW YOU CAN! Simply befriend someone who has purchased a Tabernacle and play your Vesuva the next time you play a game of Commander with them. Want to have your own Marit Lage but without all of those pesky counters? Thespian’s Stage has your back!

Both of these lands give you access to Magic’s most powerful utility lands ever printed… and you don’t even have to play them yourself! Let others do the work for you.

#4: Maze of Ith

Double Masters | Rare

Maze of Ith - Double Masters - magic

Maze of Ith doesn’t tap for mana, but it’s invaluable in any land-focused deck. Maze functions as a mini-Fog, untapping and preventing target attacking creature from dealing damage to you this turn. It also prevents all damage that would be dealt to that creature this turn as well.

This piece is incredibly potent when it comes to reducing the amount of damage you might take each turn, preventing the largest creature that is attacking you from hurting you at all! Sure, it may not help you pay for diddly-squat, but the life you end up not losing becomes a net positive in the long run.

#3: Wasteland

Eternal Masters | Rare

Wasteland - Eternal Masters - magic

Market Price: $20.64

In games of Commander, you’ll often notice that your opponents will also be running some pretty good utility lands. You don’t like this. In fact, you hate this. It fills you with jealousy! How dare they also run cool lands! Only you can run cool lands!

Don’t worry, you have a Wasteland. Simply sacrifice this land to destroy any target nonbasic land. Urborg? Bye! Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx? So long!

#2: Glacial Chasm

Ice Age | Uncommon

Glacial Chasm - Ice Age - magic

Glacial Chasm is the ultimate stall-for-time card even if you don’t use complicate loops to abuse it. Buying a few turns of peace and prosperity can often be enough to turn the tides in a game of Commander. Sure, your creature can’t attack, but you are also immune to enemy damage. Just sit back, relax, and hope you draw into the answer that you’re searching for. I hope you packed a winter coat.

#1: Field of the Dead

Core Set 2020 | Rare

Field of the Dead - Core Set 2020 - magic

Market Price: $20.94

Golos, Tireless Pilgrim may be gone and banned, but Field of the Dead remains as powerful as ever… well, almost.

Field of the Dead is a must-have in any land deck, with its motto being “Variety is the spice of unlife!” The more differently-named lands you run, the more likely you are to make a horde of Zombie tokens. This land absolutely pops off, allowing you to tap into your land count for creature generation. Field of the Dead thrives in land-based strategies, turning every other land you run into a game-ending threat!