The Best Steals and Deals From Dominaria Remastered

Dominaria Remastered is a bargain for Commander players, Landon explains why.

Magic: The Gathering’s Dominaria Remastered was released globally on January 13th, 2023. Dominaria Remastered contains 271 reprints from 27 sets across MTG’s history. Chase cards such as Sylvan Library, Urza, Lord High Artificer, and Yawgmoth, Thran Physician appear in borderless treatment with new artwork for the first time.

Sylvan Library (Borderless)

Market Price: $22.64

Urza, Lord High Artificer (Borderless)

Market Price: $10.12

Yawgmoth, Thran Physician (Borderless)

Market Price: $10.94

During release weekend, players had an opportunity to pick up reprints for a considerable discount as copies entered the secondary market. However, not all price drops for Dominaria Remastered reprints were equal. Let’s review the ten best steals and deals for Mythic Rares and Rares featured in Dominaria Remastered.

The Mythic Rares From Dominaria Remastered 

Force of Will 

Dominaria Remastered

Force of Will - Dominaria Remastered - Magic: The Gathering

Market Price: $51.68

Force of Will is a commonly-played counter spell in Commander, Legacy, and Vintage. It is easy to see why since you can cast Force of Will without paying its mana cost by paying one life and exiling a blue card from your hand. In October 2022, Force of Will had an average market price of over $100 and since Dominaria Remastered‘s release, Force of Will’s average market price has dropped below $75.

Force of Will (Borderless)

Market Price: $50.76

Force of Will (Retro Frame)

Market Price: $46.48

Now is the best opportunity in years if you were waiting to grab a copy of Force of Will due to its previous price point. While a 25% savings is not much of a discount for a reprint, it is about as good as one can hope from a multi-format staple.

Urza’s Incubator

Urza’s Incubator (Retro Frame)

Dominaria Remastered

Urza's Incubator (Retro Frame) - Dominaria Remastered - Magic: The Gathering

Market Price: $18.74

Many players are excited about Urza’s Incubator latest reprinting. When Urza’s Incubator enters the battlefield, you choose a creature type that costs two less colorless mana to cast. Urza’s Incubator supports practically all MTG strategies that adopt a shared creature type since it is a colorless artifact.

Kozilek, the Great Distortion

Market Price: $16.61

Tiamat (Borderless)

Market Price: $8.48

Be'lakor, the Dark Master

Players of Dragons, Eldrazi, Demons, and Angels tribal Commander decks may want to include Urza’s Incubator in the 99. Fortunately, regular copies of Urza’s Incubator from Dominaria Remastered currently sell for around $23, which is more than a 50% discount from its prior average market price. Urza’s Incubator will likely see increasing play in Commander since copies are available at a lower price point.

The Rares From Dominaria Remastered

Enlightened Tutor

Dominaria Remastered

Enlightened Tutor - Dominaria Remastered - Magic: The Gathering

Market Price: $14.37

Enlightened Tutor, first printed in Mirage, is one of Commander’s ten most-played white cards, according to EDHREC. Enlightened Tutor lets you search your library for an artifact or enchantment card, reveal it, then shuffle and put it on top of your library. Potent tutors with a low casting cost are desirable Commander deck inclusions.  

Before the 2022 holiday season, Enlightened Tutor’s average market price was close to $45. As of Dominaria Remastered‘s official release, the price point of Enlightened Tutor dropped by 58% to $19. Commander players can now grab a more affordable copy of a top-tier staple. 

Enemy-Colored Check Lands

Hinterland Harbor (Retro Frame)
Clifftop Retreat
Sulfur Falls (Retro Frame)
Isolated Chapel
Woodland Cemetery (Retro Frame)

Hinterland Harbor, Sulfur Falls, Isolated Chapel, Clifftop Retreat, and Woodland Cemetery are welcoming Dominaria Remastered reprint for Pioneer and Commander players. Previously reprinted together in Dominaria, enemy-colored check lands come into play untapped if you control a land type of the mana they produce. 

Inexpensive enemy-colored check lands offer budget-friendly mana fixing for many decks, including Pioneer’s Five-Color Niv to Light, Enigmatic Incarnation, and Esper Control. Before Dominaria Remastered‘s spoiler season, the enemy-colored check lands sold for around $5 each. As of this writing, players can pick up copies of each nonbasic land for less than $2 apiece.


Dominaria Remastered

Gamble - Dominaria Remastered - Magic: The Gathering

Gamble is a one-mana sorcery that sees play in Legacy and Commander. Gamble allows you to search your library for a card, put that card into your hand, and then discard a card randomly. Although you can accidentally discard the card that Gamble added to your hand, it has not stopped Gamble from becoming a top twenty red card in Commander according to EDHREC. Gamble’s reprinting in Dominaria Remastered caused its average market to plummet from $19 to $5 at the time of publication. Players looking to add more tutors to their Commander collection may want to acquire a discounted copy of Gamble.


Dominaria Remastered

Entomb - Dominaria Remastered - Magic: The Gathering

Entomb is an instant often found in Legacy’s Reanimator and graveyard-centric Commander decks. Entomb offers incredible value for one mana as it lets you search your library for any card and place it in your graveyard. Pairing Entomb with cards like Animate Dead and Reanimate can put powerful creatures on your battlefield as early as turn two.

Razaketh, the Foulblooded

Market Price: $14.22

Worldgorger Dragon (Retro Frame)

Adding Entomb to an MTG deck got much more reasonable with the release of Dominaria Remastered. Average market prices for the Dominaria Remastered regular version of Entomb are available for $8 or a 76% discount from the previous pricing of other printings. 

Now is an excellent time to update a Commander deck with a new copy of Entomb.

Maze of Ith

Dominaria Remastered

Maze of Ith - Dominaria Remastered - Magic: The Gathering

Originally printed in The Dark, Maze of Ith is a nonbasic land that does not tap for mana. Instead, you may tap Maze of Ith to untap a target attacking creature and prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to and dealt by that creature this turn. Lands-themed Legacy and Commander decks typically play Maze of Ith to stop opponents’ creature threats.

Maze of Ith’s recent reprinting will save players money when grabbing a copy for a deck or collection. Copies of Maze of Ith from Dominaria Remastered are available for about $3, a 77% discount off the average market price of other regular versions available a few months ago. Maze of Ith may stay below $5 for a short time considering its popularity in Commander.


Dominaria Remastered

Crawlspace - Dominaria Remastered - Magic: The Gathering

Previously included in Urza’s Legacy and Commander 2013, Crawlspace was overdue for a reprinting. Crawlspace is a three-mana artifact that allows no more than two creatures to attack you in each combat. Between 2014 and 2022, Crawlspace’s average market price rose more than 1000%, due in part to Commander.

Thantis, the Warweaver
Karazikar, the Eye Tyrant (Extended Art)
Lynde, Cheerful Tormentor (Extended Art)

Crawlspace is in the 99 of Forced Combat-themed Commander decks led by Thantis, the Warweaver, Karazikar, the Eye Tyrant, and Xantcha, Sleeper Agent. Other Commanders like Lynde, Cheerful Tormentor and Ghyrson Starn, Kelermorph may utilize Crawlspace to limit opponents’ attacks. Dominaria Remastered copies of Crawlspace are available for about $2, or an 85% discount from its previous price point of around $14. 

Sevinne’s Reclamation

Dominaria Remastered

Sevinne's Reclamation - Dominaria Remastered - Magic: The Gathering

Sevinne’s Reclamation is white sorcery with flashback and a staple in competitive Commander (cEDH). Sevinne’s Reclamation returns a permanent card with a mana value of three or less from your graveyard to the battlefield. Also, if Sevinne’s Reclamation is cast from a graveyard, you may copy it and choose a new target for the copy.

Dockside Extortionist

Market Price: $53.43

Loran of the Third Path (Extended Art)

There are plenty of fantastic three-mana white targets for Sevinne’s Reclamation in Commander, including Esper Sentinel, Drannith Magistrate, and Loran of the Third Path. Besides white cards, Rhystic Study, Sol Ring, and Dockside Extortionist are fantastic targets for Sevinne’s Reclamation. Anyone missing a copy of Sevinne’s Reclamation in their Commander collection should consider adding one now that its regular version from Dominaria Remastered is available for under $1.


Dominaria Remastered

Overmaster - Dominaria Remastered - Magic: The Gathering

Overmaster received its first reprinting in over 20 years in Dominaria Remastered. Overmaster is a one-mana red sorcery that draws you a card and makes the next instant or sorcery you cast uncounterable this turn. Legacy players may be familiar with Overmaster as it is an inclusion in Ruby Storm.


Ruby Storm

Market Price:$5314.14

Maindeck, 60 cards

Sortsort deckCreature (6)

  • 4Birgi, God of Storytelling
  • 2Simian Spirit Guide

Sorcery (23)

  • 4Burning Wish
  • 3Echo of Eons
  • 3Galvanic Relay
  • 3Gamble
  • 3Overmaster
  • 4Rite of Flame
  • 1Wish
  • 2Shatterskull Smashing

Artifact (24)

  • 4Chrome Mox
  • 4Defense Grid
  • 4Grim Monolith
  • 4Lion’s Eye Diamond
  • 4Lotus Petal
  • 4Mox Opal

Land (7)

  • 4Ancient Tomb
  • 2City of Traitors
  • 1Volcanic Island

Sideboard (15)

  • 1Anarchy
  • 1Echo of Eons
  • 2Echoing Truth
  • 4Empty the Warrens
  • 1Galvanic Relay
  • 1Gamble
  • 1Grapeshot
  • 1Peer into the Abyss
  • 1Shattering Spree
  • 1Tendrils of Agony
  • 1Void Snare

In Commander, Overmaster sees play in Birgi, God of Storytelling, Krark, the Thumbless, and various Spellslinger decks. Birgi, God of Storytelling makes Overmaster a free cantrip that prevents opponents from countering Jeskai’s Will, Mizzix’s Mastery, and other powerful instants and sorceries. Dominaria Remastered‘s printing of Overmaster dropped its average market price from $11 to $0.60, or a 95% decrease. Legacy and Commander players should now pick up Overmaster at an incredible bargain.