The 10 Best Commander Goblin Cards in Magic: The Gathering

Don’t underestimate the aerodynamic qualities of the common goblin.

One of the more popular creature types to ever grace Magic: The Gathering, Goblins are a small yet diminutive race sharing an affinity for artifacts and other shiny objects. Like Elves, Goblins seem to hold a heavy presence within the multiverse by appearing on numerous planes such as Ixalan, Ravnica, and Zendikar.

Goblins mostly lean in the Red color pie but feature in all five colors, with these color shifts being plane-dependent. For example, in Lorwyn, Goblins appear as boggarts and fall into Black given their rogue-like nature. Whereas in Ravnica, you see Goblins share the color White to gain association with the Boros Legion. Goblins have existed in Magic: The Gathering since Alpha and remain a well-loved creature type amongst players, with this appreciation extending to Commander.

Now with the understanding of Goblins and their evergreen influence within Magic: The Gathering, let’s look at some of the best Goblins cards you can play in Commander today.

#10 Goblin Bombardment

Goblin Bombardment

Modern Horizons 2

Goblin Bombardment - Modern Horizons 2 - Magic: The Gathering

While not technically a Goblin, Goblin Bombardment not only hits the flavor note but is also a fantastically-strong Enchantment for any Goblin strategy. Given the ability to create so many Goblins in Commander, throwing them at the opponent’s face is the most acceptable route to victory. With hundreds of infinite combinations alongside non-Goblin cards such as Karmic Guide and Reveillark, Goblin Bombardment is a strong card where you can accidentally combo off without much thought. In particular, if you happen to have Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Lightning Crafter, or Putrid Goblin and Grumgully, the Generous in play.

#9 Goblin Chieftain / Goblin Warchief

Goblin Chieftain
Goblin Warchief

Passive effects that improve the Goblin cards you deploy are always desirable in Commander, which is why Goblin Chieftain and Goblin Warchief are ideal cards to add to a Goblin strategy. While these aren’t the most exciting cards, they both grant your Goblin creatures haste with Goblin Warchief discounting Goblin spells by one generic mana. As you’ll want to expand your board with a combination of threats and Goblin tokens, giving them haste is a nice touch, as you can either activate abilities as seen on Krenko, Mob Boss or simply offer aggression. As said earlier, these aren’t the most elaborate of options, but they both do their job, and they do it well, as any Goblin does. . 

#8 Goblin Matron

Goblin Matron

Dominaria Remastered, Common

Goblin Matron - Dominaria Remastered - magic

While there are continuing opinions on whether tutors are healthy for Commander, it’s hard to deny their effectiveness in finding what you need based on the situation. While Goblin Matron is pretty tame compared to Demonic Tutor and so forth, Goblin Matron is ideal within a Goblin Commander build as it allows you to search for whatever setup, payoff, or combo piece you need for the reasonable cost of three mana. Similar to Goblin Chieftain and Goblin Warchief, Goblin Matron isn’t an extravagant card but plays an important role when furthering your game plan. 

#7 Guttersnipe


Commander: Outlaws of Thunder Junction, Uncommon

Guttersnipe - Commander: Outlaws of Thunder Junction - magic

A staple for any Spellslinger Commander strategy is Guttersnipe, who can Shock each opponent each time you cast an Instant or Sorcery. Despite the typing, Guttersnipe doesn’t see much play in dedicated Goblin Commander decks, as the ability to trigger the Goblin Shaman consistently each turn is low. However, if you happen to play Urabrask or Tor Wauki the Younger in Commander, then Guttersnipe is a must-have, as you can chain off cheap spells to demolish your opponents.


Market Price: $18.68

Gandalf the Grey
Tor Wauki the Younger (Foil Etched)

Interestingly, Guttersnipe is also primed to feature in Gandalf the Grey Commander builds upon the release of The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth, where you can stack the effects for each Instant and Sorcery spell that you cast. While it may seem unassuming, Guttersnipe is a deadly threat if not dealt with and can ultimately win games from nowhere.

#6 Treasure Nabber

Treasure Nabber

Commander Masters, Rare

Treasure Nabber - Commander Masters - magic

Why cast Artifact cards when you can steal someone else’s? That’s what Treasure Nabber hopes to achieve whenever an opponent activates the mana ability on any Artifact card they control, keeping the card until the end of your next turn. Whether it be a Sol Ring, Arcane Signet, or something deadly like the Mana Crypt, you can take advantage of the opponent’s resources for your own. Going further, you can sacrifice these Artifacts with Kuldotha Rebirth, creating a bunch of Goblin tokens for your troubles.

Kuldotha Rebirth
Sol Ring
Mana Crypt

Market Price: $183.62

As you’re primarily in Red, there are many ways to sacrifice these Artifacts so the opponent can’t use them again, such as the flavorful Trash for Treasure, allowing you to recur and Artifact you control back onto the battlefield for your troubles. Plus, there’s an added layer of making it awkward for opponents to use their mana-generating cards with Treasure Nabber in play, possibly pushing you ahead on resources. Treasure Nabber is such a unique card but oh-so-very-Goblin in how it functions, making it an excellent inclusion for a Goblin Commander strategy for power and flavor reasons.

#5 Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker

Iconic Masters, Mythic

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker - Iconic Masters - magic

Another classic Goblin you often see running the Commander tables is Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, first printed in Champions of Kamigawa. For five mana, you can create a copy of a target non-Legendary creature you control, then that token leaves play at the beginning of the next end step. While the combo potential isn’t always needed, Kiki-Jiki offers plenty of value by copying a significant threat or value creature to extend resources. 

Fable of the Mirror-Breaker (Extended Art)

Market Price: $14.87

Blightsteel Colossus

Market Price: $34.57

Dockside Extortionist

Market Price: $84.50

By copying a Dockside Extortionist for ramp, or a Blightsteel Colossus to deal the last points of infect damage, there are plenty of applications the Goblin Shaman can offer in a pinch. Alternatively, Fable of the Mirror-Breaker is another option if you want another Kiki-Jiki effect while generating resources in the early turns. 

#4 Skirk Prospector

Skirk Prospector

Dominaria Remastered, Common

Skirk Prospector - Dominaria Remastered - magic

One of the best combo-enablers for Goblins is Skirk Prospector, as you may sacrifice a Goblin you control to add one Red mana to your mana pool. According to EDHREC, there are hundreds of combinations you can use with Skirk Prospector, with the more common option being alongside Thornbite Staff and Krenko, Mob Boss.

Krenko, Mob Boss
Thornbite Staff

Market Price: $19.78

Goblin Bombardment

When you have all these cards in play, you can create infinite tokens, infinite colored mana, and infinite sacrifice triggers. Granted, you need at least four other Goblins on the battlefield for this to work, but can be back-breaking to the opponents if unprepared. Pair this combo with a sacrifice effect such as Goblin Bombardment or an effect such as Impact Tremors you can win a game of Commander on the spot. As mentioned earlier, this combo is one of the many you can do with Skirk Prospector, and you’ll likely combo off with the card unintentionally, given the broad application available.

#3 Muxus, Goblin Grandee

Muxus, Goblin Grandee

Jumpstart, Rare

Muxus, Goblin Grandee - Jumpstart - magic

Coming from Jumpstart is Muxus, Goblin Grandee, a Legendary Goblin that offers a similar effect to Collected Company but for Goblin cards only. Whenever Muxus enters the battlefield, you reveal the top six cards of your library, then put all Goblin creature cards with a mana value of five or fewer among them onto the battlefield. As a Commander, Muxus requires a little setup to gain the most from their enter-the-battlefield ability.

Scroll Rack

Market Price: $18.61

Sensei's Divining Top (Borderless)

Market Price: $35.79

Impact Tremors

Adding library manipulation effects such as Sensei’s Divining Top and Scroll Rack gives you a higher probability of getting more Goblin cards into play for free. Also, adding Cloudstone Curio gives you a fantastic way to return Muxus to your hand and recast the card again to generate added value. Alternatively, Muxus is an excellent Commander if you want to remove opponents through Commander damage. Given the ability to cast Goblin cards and create Goblin tokens during a game, pumping Muxus becomes effortless and a high-value threat in a Commander pod. 

#2 Krenko, Mob Boss

Krenko, Mob Boss

Ravnica Remastered, Rare

Krenko, Mob Boss - Ravnica Remastered - magic

One of the more popular and classic Commanders to lead a gob of Goblins into battle is none other than Krenko, Mob Boss. For four mana, you get a Goblin Warrior with an explosive-activated ability that involves tapping Krenko, then you create several 1/1 Goblin creature tokens equal to the number of Goblins you control on the battlefield. As Krenko is so effective in what it does, it’s the most popular Goblin Commander, according to EDHREC.

Purphoros, God of the Forge

Market Price: $40.48

Hobgoblin Bandit Lord
Impact Tremors

If left unchecked, Krenko, Mob Boss can snowball out of control quickly by creating so many Goblin tokens every time it is your turn. While amassing a board state full of Goblins is impressive, capitalizing on these Goblin tokens when they enter the battlefield is another hasty way to eliminate opponents. By adding effects such as Purphoros, God of the Forge or Impact Tremors, you can deal incredible amounts to each opponent in Commander through the careful setup and timing Krenko, Mob Boss’s activation correctly. If you happen to have Goblin Chieftain on the battlefield, these can attack immediately on your turn while being (at least) 2/2s in the process. 

#1 Dockside Extortionist

Dockside Extortionist

Double Masters 2022, Mythic

Dockside Extortionist - Double Masters 2022 - magic

Admittedly not a surprise, but Dockside Extortionist is by far and away the best Goblin card you can play in Commander. First printed in the Mystic Intellect Precon, the Goblin Pirate can create so many Treasure tokens to further your game plan. Treasure tokens are becoming easier to utilize with expansions such as Streets of New Capenna and Battle for Baldur’s Gate, which only drives further demand for Dockside Extortionist. Fortunately, the card saw a much-needed reprint in Double Masters 2022, but one of the more desirable cards to acquire for Commander.

Dockside Extortionist (Borderless)

Market Price: $91.68

Treasure // Rabbit Double-sided Token
Dockside Extortionist (Foil Etched)

Market Price: $158.68

Since the card entered the singleton format, Dockside Extortionist comes with polarizing opinions as the card is so effective at what it does. Independently speaking, Dockside Extortionist sees heavy play as the ability to create so many Treasure tokens from opponents playing Artifact and Enchantment cards is so high. Also, you can trump an opposing Dockside Extortionist since you can cast your own and create more Treasure tokens since these tokens come with the artifact typing. While it’s not a “Goblin matters” card, the subtyping is relevant within a Goblin Commander strategy as it can gain passive abilities from other Goblins, such as reducing costs with effects such as Goblin Warchief, making Dockside Extortionist cost one measly Red mana. Gross, right?