Top 10 Bestselling MTG Cards of the Week – 05/31/2024

There’s Commander hype in the upcoming Modern release.

Modern Horizons 3 releases in a few weeks, and the Complete Card Gallery is now live over on the mothership for the biggest Magic release of the year. There’s so much coming with Modern Horizons 3 and no doubt it’ll shake Modern and Commander upon release.

Before we dig into purchases relating to Modern Horizons 3, there’s been some really weird movement on the card Reparations and Power Taint, which was likely motivated by content creator trends. Wubby, a popular Twitch streamer, cracked a box of Urza’s Saga recently and commented on both of these cards in a recent video, and I’m guessing his viewers started buying these cards in huge chunks based on these comments. Interestingly, Reparations is on the Reserved List, so I recommend selling into the hype if you have any copies before it dies back down.


Market Price: $35.47

Power Taint
Garruk's Uprising

Garruk’s Uprising from Wilds of Eldraine: Enchanting Tales is seeing an uptick once again as it’s a staple for any Green Commander strategy, where it also happens feature in the Eldrazi Incursion Precon since many of the Eldrazi cards come with high power. Even with another reprint on the way, you can never have enough copies of the card.  

With the notables out of the way, let’s see which cards have sold best with Modern Horizons 3 previews wrapping up today.

#10 Dandân 


Chronicles, Common

Dandân - Chronicles - magic

While the hype for Dandân continues to dwindle after the rather excellent Shuffle Up and Play video from Tolarian Community College, prices on the Chronicles printing of the card are starting to cool off. As a result, this is a pretty good time to snap up any leftover copies needed to complete your own Dandân list. Because let’s be honest, it’s a matter of time before the Dandân hype ramps up again through popular content, where there will be another wave of demand for a card that isn’t in print anymore but also limited in quantity.

#9 Requisition Raid

Requisition Raid

Outlaws of Thunder Junction, Uncommon

Requisition Raid - Outlaws of Thunder Junction - magic

One of the hottest sideboard cards from Outlaws of Thunder Junction continues to see strong sales as Requisition Raid is becoming a must-have for any strategy that uses a high density of creatures. From Modern Esper Stoneblade to Pioneer Humans, Requisition Raid offers ample Artifact and Enchantment removal while gifting a +1/+1 Counter on each creature a player controls. Even with a Surge cost of one White mana, the rate is excellent and one that will see play in Constructed formats in years to come.

#8 Slickshot Show-Off

Slickshot Show-Off

Outlaws of Thunder Junction, Rare

Slickshot Show-Off - Outlaws of Thunder Junction - magic

Speaking of another Outlaws of Thunder Junction card that is primed to see Constructed play for a long time is Slickshot Show-Off, a card cementing itself as a must-have for any Prowess strategy. With continued success in Standard, Pioneer, and Modern, the Bird Wizard can offer explosive turns by casting a range of cheap spells, which is something Kiln Fiend did once upon a time. Even though Prowess is where Slickshot Show-Off has seen the most success, there’s also potential with Pioneer’s Boros Auras based on recent MTGO Challenge results.


Boros Auras

Market Price:$152.85

Maindeck, 60 cards

Sortsort deckCreature (17)

  • 4Favored Hoplite
  • 4Light-Paws, Emperor’s Voice
  • 4Slickshot Show-Off
  • 1Storm Herald
  • 4Tenth District Legionnaire

Enchantment (21)

  • 1All That Glitters
  • 1Cartouche of Solidarity
  • 1Cartouche of Zeal
  • 1Demonic Ruckus
  • 1Escape Velocity
  • 4Etali’s Favor
  • 4Ethereal Armor
  • 4Kumano Faces Kakkazan
  • 1Sentinel’s Eyes
  • 2Sentinel’s Mark
  • 1Squire’s Devotion

Land (22)

  • 4Battlefield Forge
  • 1Castle Ardenvale
  • 1Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire
  • 4Inspiring Vantage
  • 1Mountain
  • 4Needleverge Pathway
  • 1Plains
  • 1Ramunap Ruins
  • 4Sacred Foundry
  • 1Sokenzan, Crucible of Defiance

Sideboard (3)

  • 1Squire’s Devotion
  • 2Storm Herald

Incorporating the Bird Wizard into an Aura-heavy strategy makes a ton of sense, where there are enough non-creature spells to maintain an aggressive clock. While it’s not the most established archetype in Pioneer, it’s cool to see innovation in what is a relatively stale format with Standard and Modern taking center stage for the upcoming Regional Championships and Qualifiers respectively. Slickshot Show-Off is an extremely strong card, and the ceiling only goes higher the more pushed and powerful non-creature spells that see print going forward.

#7 Greenbelt Rampager

Greenbelt Rampager

Aether Revolt, Rare

Greenbelt Rampager - Aether Revolt - magic

A card that’s seen tremendous attention since the unofficial reveal of a bunch of Modern Horizons 3 cards, Greenbelt Rampager seems to be the new hotness alongside Primal Prayers, an Aluren-style card that cares about using Energy. While Primal Prayers isn’t quite as strong as Aluren, using Greenbelt Rampager gives you infinite enter-the-battlefield triggers, so pair this with an Witty Roastmaster or something similar – you’ll win. There are other win conditions, such as casting a Chatterstorm or Grapeshot for a massive Storm count, if that’s your thing, too.

Primal Prayers

Market Price: $11.82

Acererak the Archlich
Guide of Souls

Market Price: $9.72

There’s also a strong win condition with Acererak the Archlich and Guide of Souls if paired with Primal Prayers, where you can play Acererak as many times as you want as he’ll only return to hand unless you complete the Tomb of Annihilation dungeon. So instead, pick the Lost Mines of Phandelver dungeon and venture, where one of the rooms in this dungeon is the opponent losing a life and you gain a life. Once you complete the Lost Mine of Phandelver, you can pick any dungeon, so go through Phandelver again, where you rinse and repeat until the opponent falls to zero life. This seems much more straightforward, where copies of the Zombie Wizard have sold well since the reveal of the Enchantment card. It’s clear Primal Prayers will be one of the more exciting cards from Modern Horizons 3, as it adopts a strong design as seen in Legacy with Aluren over the years.

#6 Outcaster Trailblazer

Outcaster Trailblazer

Outlaws of Thunder Junction, Rare

Outcaster Trailblazer - Outlaws of Thunder Junction - magic

At the time of publication, Outcaster Trailblazer from Outlaws of Thunder Junction is just-above bulk Rare pricing but is seeing heavy movement. While it’s easy to think this is because of Standard applications, you’d be wrong – it’s Pioneer.


Mono-Green Devotion

Market Price:$374.29

Maindeck, 60 cards

Sortsort deckCreature (21)

  • 4Cavalier of Thorns
  • 4Elvish Mystic
  • 4Llanowar Elves
  • 4Old-Growth Troll
  • 4Outcaster Trailblazer
  • 1Ulvenwald Oddity

Planeswalker (4)

  • 4Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner

Sorcery (4)

  • 4Storm the Festival

Enchantment (10)

  • 4Leyline of the Guildpact
  • 3Oath of Nissa
  • 3Wolfwillow Haven

Land (21)

  • 2Boseiju, Who Endures
  • 13Forest
  • 2Lair of the Hydra
  • 4Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

Sideboard (15)

  • 1Cityscape Leveler$
  • 1Emrakul, the Promised End
  • 3Obstinate Baloth
  • 3Pick Your Poison
  • 2Sylvan Caryatid
  • 3The Stone Brain
  • 2Voracious Hydra

One of Pioneer’s most menacing archetypes returns in Mono-Green Devotion, where it utilizes the recently-printed Leyline of the Guildpact as you can potentially add “free” Green devotion if played before the game begins. Since the banning of Karn, the Great Creator in Pioneer late last year, Mono-Green Devotion fell by the wayside since you’re unable to initiate any form of combo with The Chain Veil and other Artifact cards from the sideboard. Even without Karn, Mono-Green Devotion can develop a fairer yet dominating game plan with Outcaster Trailblazer since you can Plot the card away, cast it from exile, and then cast your high-power threats and draw cards in the process. At worst? Trailblazer can serve as a mana-generating creature of sorts, allowing you to ramp closer to casting Storm the Festival or Cavalier of Thorns on a one-time basis.

Old-Growth Troll
Cavalier of Thorns
Ulvenwald Oddity

As a result of these changes to the strategy and a relatively underprepared Pioneer metagame, Mono-Green Devotion is seeing success in MTGO Pioneer Challenges. If these successes continue, the price of Outcaster Trailblazer could rise further in the coming weeks.

#5 Lórien Revealed

Lórien Revealed

Universes Beyond: The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth, Common

Lórien Revealed - Universes Beyond: The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth - magic

With Modern Horizons 3 hype continuing to grow, now is a decent time to pick up those cheaper staple Modern cards as players begin to figure out what they need before the new set drops. Lórien Revealed is a must-have for most Blue archetypes in Modern, where it’ll find you the Island Land card needed given the situation. Whether it’s a Steam Vents, Ketria Triome, or even a Basic Island, the flexibility this card has shown since Tales of Middle-earth’s release last year has been enormous and will continue to do so.

#4 Pick Your Poison

Pick Your Poison

Murders at Karlov Manor, Common

Pick Your Poison - Murders at Karlov Manor - magic

Commons from Murders at Karlov Manor remain in demand as Pick Your Poison is one of the premier sideboard cards for Constructed play. For one mana, Pick Your Poison does quite a lot and will see continued competitive play because it can hit a broad range of threats. As mentioned over the last while, prices of Murders at Karlov Manor are continuing to hit their lowest as players have shifted focus onto Outlaws of Thunder Junction and Modern Horizons 3. As a result, this is a great time to pick up those cards you’ve been meaning to snap up, especially if you aren’t too bothered about Modern Horizons 3.

#3 From Beyond

From Beyond

Battle for Zendikar, Rare

From Beyond - Battle for Zendikar - magic

Sales of From Beyond from Battle for Zendikar is an interesting one, and one that is seeing movement due to the recent wrap-up of the Modern Horizons 3 and Commander previews. There’s a big emphasis on Eldrazi in Modern Horizons 3, where it also has its own Five-Color Commander Precon, but From Beyond is an omission from the Commander subset, meaning it’s become a strong target for speculators and for those who want to upgrade the Eldrazi Precon post-release. What makes From Beyond a decent card to incorporate is that it allows for a steady stream of Eldrazi Scion tokens (for ramp purposes) while having the option to sacrifice From Beyond to search for an Eldrazi card and put it into your hand.

Emrakul, the World Anew

Market Price: $70.39

Kozilek, the Broken Reality

Market Price: $36.91

Ulamog, the Defiler

Market Price: $87.99

Since Modern Horizons 3 and Commander previews pretty much wrapped up yesterday, the demand for From Beyond is still fresh, with most of the sales happening over the last few days, with some soft speculation occurring from buyers before the Commander previews began. Either way, it seems From Beyond is a must-have if you’re looking to play the Five-Color Devoid Eldrazi Precon, I do recommend snapping up a copy before the supply dries out since the Battle for Zendikar is the only printing of the card and is a set that isn’t in print anymore.

#2 Shuko


Betrayers of Kamigawa, Uncommon

Shuko - Betrayers of Kamigawa - magic

Shuko from Betrayers of Kamigawa is an exciting one, since the set is mostly forgettable for the right reasons. However, the Equipment card saw a fantastic surge in demand thanks to the recently revealed Nadu, Winged Wisdom from Modern Horizons 3, where you can trigger Nadu’s ability at will since the effect states abilities and not just spells. Nadu’s effect is simple; whenever a spell or ability targets a creature you control, you reveal the top card of your library, and if it’s a Land card, you put that card into play. Otherwise, you put that card into your hand. By using Shuko and the free equip cost, you can “target” your creatures with the card, allowing you to reveal the top card of your library at will.

Orcish Bowmasters

Market Price: $34.80

Narset, Parter of Veils
Ghostly Flicker

Immediately, this effect Nadu provides avoids cards such as Orcish Bowmasters and Narset, Parter of Veils since you do not draw the card, which is ideal when it comes to Modern playability (plus you can’t deck yourself!). Secondly, it’s worth noting that Nadu, Winged Wisdom and the “twice per turn” clause specify the creature it’s triggering, meaning you can trigger it multiple times (with different creatures) across a turn. Another reason there’s so much hype around Nadu is the way the card is templated. Say you cast a Ghostly Flicker targeting Nadu (which also triggers the ability), you can reset the effect by flickering Nadu since it’s considered different permanent as it enters play, where the ability it grants hasn’t been triggered yet, meaning you can go through it all again! This is especially relevant in Modern, where you can play another Nadu and sacrifice the old one to the Legendary rule.

Sway of Illusion
Umbral Mantle
Scute Swarm

Although Shuko is the hottest card to pair with Nadu, Sway of Illusion, Umbral Mantle, Scute Swarm, and Lightning Greaves are all on the move as casual and competitive players look to break the new Simic Legend. In addition, Sea Kings’ Blessing from Legends saw a notable spike in reaction to Nadu’s reveal. While it’s unclear if Nadu has any real wings in Modern, there’s definitely Commander interest at play based on initial EDHREC data.

#1 Slime Against Humanity

Slime Against Humanity

Murders at Karlov Manor, Common

Slime Against Humanity - Murders at Karlov Manor - magic

And once again, Slime Against Humanity from Murders at Karlov Manor remains a top-selling card thanks to its casual Commander applications. As mentioned before, Murders at Karlov Manor prices continue to bottom out, making it a decent time to snap up cards from the Standard expansion if you’re interested in expanding your collection. Cards such as Slime Against Humanity will continue to be popular in Commander because of the quirky design clause, allowing you to run as many copies of the card as you wish. Over time, there’s a good chance the Common will begin to rise in value the further removed from Murders at Karlov Manor we become due to newer releases.