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I have been playing magic the gathering for more than six year. About a year ago I got my hands on my very first PROXY MTG and I was not impressed. Some of the colors were off, either too dark or too light. Others PROXIES MTG were cut wrong, errors with font, and orange backs.

Having worked in a printing factory for more than five years, I knew I could do better. I understand how to control and balance MTG PROXY color and the centering of the image. So I decided to give it a shot and offer the best PROXY MTG cards to players.

We offer a large variety of mtg proxies, and sell them individually and in sets. We update our cards list every month. Some examples include the new expedition masterpiece foil lands, unique foil judge promos, dual lands, and even high-dollar rares with holo-stamp from more recent sets! Below you will find high-resolution scans of the MTG PROXY cards we offer. we offer fixed set and single cards, you can buy single cards or fixed set, you also can buy both of them.

  1. Single Card List
  2. Fixed Sets
  3. Bundles
  • normal cards(non holo stamp, non foil)– $2.2 per card
  • holo cards(with holo stamp, non foil)– $3 per card
  • foil cards(with foil)– $5 per card
Yes, you can select MTG PROXIES cards individually from the card list linked in the previous question. However, prices for individual cards differ from the preset lists.
We pride ourselves on using the latest and greatest technology to create amazingly good-looking MTG PROXIES cards. For cardstock we use German Black Core paper. Our printer cost us more than eight-million dollar and was imported from Germany. Our cutting machine was imported from Canada. Using high-end machinery has allows us to make better PROXIES MTG cards, and we are confident with the quality we produce. You also can check the buyer's feedback section for real review from our buyers.
Our cards are the closest thing you’ll get to the original. All the MTG PROXIES are made with German Black core and can pass bend test, water test, and rip test (we don’t recommend this). We cannot guarantee that each card will pass the light test with 100% accuracy, as the original cards are made with blue core paper. With that said, all cards look 100% legit when sleeved up and played across the table from an otherwise unsuspecting player as many of our customers can attest.

You have nothing to worry about when placing an order with us. PayPal is the safest way when buying goods online, so that alone should make you rest easy. In regard to buyer protection:

  • If you do not receive the MTG PROXIES cards you bought, we will refund in full.
  • If you find cards missing from your order, we will refund the missing cards.
  • If the cards are damaged, we will refund the cost of the damaged cards.