Introduction of Magic:the gathering

Since 1993, there has been a game that has captured the hearts,
minds, and imaginations of gamers around the world. Rich in
fantasy, easy to learn in a short time, but taking a lifetime to master,
the trading card game Magic: The Gathering has supplied gamers
looking for a unique challenge with an outlet to let their creative
juices flow.

One of the beautiful things about a trading card game is that it
allows so many different types of people to derive enjoyment out of
the game. This could range from the thrill of a well-timed play for the
more competitive to enjoying the fantastic artwork for the more
casual fan. The traders and collectors can work to build exactly the
type of portfolio they desire, while the quirkier fans can build decks
centered around wacky combinations and fantastical creatures.

How to Play Magic: The Gathering for Beginners is a
comprehensive guide to help newcomers become acclimated with all
the tools they will need to start playing the collectible card game.
While the game is too complex for one guide to teach everything
needed to become a top-notch Magic pilot, this guide will provide a
strong foundation on which to build a successful Magic career.

All the rules that you will need to begin playing are included in
this guide along with pictures to help understand the concepts being
discussed. Many common situations are analyzed which will start you
on the path to examining your own plays to discover your strengths,
weaknesses, and areas of growth opportunities.

Using this guide as a starting point, new players will begin with
a firm grasp of not only how to play Magic, but how to approach it
mentally in order to continue deepening their understanding of the
tactics involved in being a winning Magic player. Playing Magic well
will lead to more wins and, ultimately, more happiness playing this
rich and compelling game.