Top MTG Reprints Players Want in Dominaria Remastered

What reprints could we expect in Dominaria Remastered?

Magic: The Gathering’s first set release for 2023 is Dominaria Remastered. With a global release of January 13, Dominaria Remastered contains reprints from 27 different sets throughout MTG’s history. Players will find a rare or mythic rare, a Retro-Frame card, and a Retro-Frame land in every Dominaria Remastered Draft Booster. Dominaria Remastered Collector Boosters are full of foils, Retro-Frame cards, and one or more Borderless cards.

Sneak Attack
Force of Will

Market Price: $63.97


Wizards of the Coast already previewed a few Dominaria Remastered cards, including Sneak Attack, Force of Will and Arboria. Marketing materials for Dominaria Remastered hint at possible reprints of Shivan Dragon and Serra Angel. While players wait patiently for spoiler season to officially begin, here are the cards they want in Dominaria Remastered.  

Mirage’s Tutors

Enlightened Tutor

Market Price: $17.04

Worldly Tutor

Market Price: $12.49

Mystical Tutor

Market Price: $10.42

1996’s Mirage introduced players to three one-mana tutors. Enlightened Tutor, Worldly Tutor and Mystical Tutor are well-known Commander staples that originated in Mirage. Enlightened Tutor allows you to search your library for an enchantment or artifact card, reveal it and place the card on top of your library after shuffling. Worldly Tutor and Mystical Tutor provide the same function as Enlightened Tutor but let you find a creature, instant or sorcery instead.

Enlightened Tutor is the priciest of the Mirage tutors, with an average market price of over $40. Worldly Tutor is just a little behind Enlighted Tutor with an average market price of around $28. Mystical Tutor’s average market price hovers near $18, likely due to an extensive reprinting in Signature Spellbook: JaceDominaria Remastered would be a fantastic place to reprint Mirage’s tutors to increase their supply and secondary market availability.

Nemesis’s Recruiters

Released in 2000, Nemesis is the second set in MTG’s Masques Block. Nemesis is full of nostalgic cards, including Tangle Wire, Daze, Kor Haven, Rootwater Thief and a cycle of tribal recruiters. Rathi Assassin sees little play and would be fine if left out of Dominaria Remastered. However, the other four tribal recruiters are worthwhile.

Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero

Nemesis | Rare

Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero - Nemesis - magic

Recently, Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero received a reprint in the Secret Lair: 30th Anniversary Countdown Kit. As such, WotC adding Lin Sivvi to Dominaria Remastered would be a long shot. More possible inclusions in Dominaria Remastered are Moggcatcher, Seahunter and Skyshroud Poacher.


Nemesis | Rare

Moggcatcher - Nemesis - magic

Market Price: $11.37

Moggcatcher is a 2/2 Mercenary with a three-mana activated ability that enables you to search your library for a Goblin permanent card and put it onto the battlefield. Goblin tribal Commander decks occasionally contain Moggcatcher in the 99. Adding it to Dominaria Remastered would be a good idea, with only one reprinting in The List.    


Nemesis | Rare

Seahunter - Nemesis - magic

Merfolk tribal Commander decks may not be as popular as Goblins, but new legendary creatures like Emperor Mihail II offer alternative experiences for players. Seahunter is a possible inclusion in Merfolk tribal Commander decks as a blue version of Moggcatcher that searches your library for a Merfolk permanent card. Although Seahunter’s price point is relatively low, the card would fit well in Dominaria Remastered if Merfolk cards were in the set.

Skyshroud Poacher

Nemesis | Rare

Skyshroud Poacher - Nemesis - magic

Shockingly, Skyshroud Poacher has yet to receive a reprint outside of Nemesis. Skyshroud Poacher is a four-mana 2/2 Human Rebel with a three-mana activated ability that searches your library for an Elf permanent card and puts it onto the battlefield. While Skyshroud Poacher is not an Elf, it does see some play in Elf tribal Commander decks. If one of the catchers appears in Dominaria Remastered, this might be it.

Odyssey’s Entomb


Ultimate Masters | Rare

Entomb - Ultimate Masters - magic

Originally from Odyssey, Entomb is overdue for a reprint. Vintage Cubes, Legacy Reanimator decks and competitive Commander decks often include Entomb. For one mana, Entomb allows you to search your library for any card and place it into your graveyard. Considering Entomb was not part of Double Masters 2022Dominaria Remastered looks like an excellent opportunity for a reprinting.

Onslaught’s Fetchlands

Wooded Foothills

Market Price: $38.45

Polluted Delta

Market Price: $37.88

Bloodstained Mire

Market Price: $38.65

Flooded Strand

Market Price: $33.90

Windswept Heath

Market Price: $23.88

Other cards overdue for a reprint are Onslaught’s allied fetch lands. Wooded Foothills, Polluted Delta, Bloodstained Mire, Flooded Strand and Windswept Heath last appeared as Expeditions in Zendikar Rising. Allied fetch lands are staples in multiple Constructed formats, such as Modern, Legacy and Commander. Inserting allied fetch lands into Dominaria Remastered’s main set would please players by increasing their supply and lowering their average market prices. Although the idea of allied fetch lands in Dominaria Remastered would be fantastic, WotC may save their reprint equity for a future Modern Horizons or Double Masters release.

Legions’ Rare Slivers

Legions is a creature-only MTG set released in 2003. It contains plenty of Commander-playable cards, including Seedborn Muse, Phage the Untouchable and Akroma, Angel of Wrath. Also, creatures themes like Goblins, Soldiers, and Slivers are a focus of the set.

Synapse Sliver

Market Price: $26.54

Magma Sliver

Market Price: $15.71

Brood Sliver

Market Price: $10.53

Legions‘ cycle of Rare Silvers are desirable inclusions in Sliver tribal Commander decks. Each Sliver provides a different benefit to all Silvers on the battlefield. Interestingly, Synapse Sliver and Magma Sliver are the two most valuable cards in Legions. Essence Sliver, Brood Sliver and Toxin Sliver round out the rare cycle of Slivers and are available for less than $10 each. It’s worth mentioning that Root Sliver and Shifting Sliver (single printing) are desirable uncommon Slivers from Legions and maintain an average market price of around $5.

Essence Sliver
Toxin Sliver

Besides player demand, scarcity is a driving factor of average market prices for Legions‘ Sliver cards. Reprints of Synapse Sliver and Magma Sliver as Secret Lair bonus cards are exceedingly limited and valuable. Although adding Slivers as bonus cards in Secret Lairs was a nice touch by WotC, there needs to be more supply of in-demand cards printed almost 20 years ago. Dominaria Remastered is another chance for WotC to reprint Slivers in a remastered set.

Scourge’s Sliver Overlord

Scourge | Rare

Sliver Overlord - Scourge - magic

Market Price: $43.13

If Legions‘ Slivers are in Dominaria Remastered, Sliver Overlord is the perfect addition. Initially printed in Scourge, Sliver Overlord is a 7/7 legendary Sliver Mutant with a casting cost of WUBRG. Sliver Overlord possesses two activated abilities, each requiring three colorless mana. Sliver Overlord’s first activated ability lets you search your library for a Sliver card to place into your hand after revealing it. The second activated ability gains control of a target Sliver. Even though Silver tribal mirror matches are infrequent in Commander games, stealing opponents’ creatures does occur.

Dominaria’s Teferi

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria

Dominaria | Mythic

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria - Dominaria - magic

Market Price: $27.03

Dominaria’s hallmark planeswalker, Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, is an excellent consideration for Dominaria Remastered. Upon Dominaria’s release, Teferi quickly found a home in various control decks. He currently sees extensive play in Pioneer and Modern UW Control decks. Promos of Teferi handed out at recent Regional Championships did little to lower the card’s average market price of $24. Reprinting Teferi in Dominaria Remastered will put more copies in players’ hands and reduce the financial barrier of assembling UW Control for Constructed play.