Everything We Know (So Far) About MTG’s Commander Masters

Get up to speed with the premium Commander release. Following the fantastic success of Double Masters 2022, Commander Masters is the next in the lucrative and desirable product line scheduled to drop in the summer, with a massive focus on the popular casual format — Commander. Commander continues to grow year-on-year and is the most popular Magic: The … Read more

One (Serialized) Ring to Rule Them All

Cassie delves into Magic’s latest foray into card scarcity — The One Ring. It finally happened. After Priceless Treasures, Masterpieces, Neon Ink Foils, and serialized cards showed Wizards of the Coast (WotC) willingness to go deeper and deeper into hyper-scarcity, where they finally cannonballed into the deep end of the pool with The Lord of the Rings: Tales of … Read more

The Best Decks in Magic: The Gathering Right Now, May 2023

Highlighting Standard, Pioneer, and Modern’s best. Magic: The Gathering continues to be as competitive as ever. With the return of the Pro Tour and various other competitive events, such as SCG Opens and the NRG Series, there are plenty of ways to tap into high-level Magic these days. Going further, Magic Online (MTGO) and MTG Arena … Read more

Top 10 Best Humans in Magic: The Gathering

Riley counts down the best human cards in Magic! Picking the top ten humans ever printed in Magic is tough — really tough. There are so many human cards printed over the years, as it is the most common tribe in all of Magic: The Gathering by quite a margin, that narrowing it down to just ten … Read more

Non-Reserved List Cards that Will Always Hold Value

What types of cards maintain value through reprints, bannings, and format changes? The Reserved List contains Magic: The Gathering’s most expensive cards. They’re costly, in part because Wizards of the Coast’s reprint policy states they’ll never get printed again. Besides WotC’s reprint policy, demand and scarcity are other causes for increasing Reserved List card prices. Market Price: $28.54 … Read more

MTG Modern Four-Color Yorion Deck Guide

How to play all the best Magic cards at once. Four-Color Yorion is the premier midrange deck in Magic: The Gathering’s Modern format. Thanks to the range of Modern manabases, you get to play the best answers, the best threats, and stitch it all together with powerful card advantage. Somehow we get to live in … Read more

Competitive Commander (cEDH) Deck Guide: Temur Pirates

Casting Pirates has never looked so good. Temur Pirates (or commonly known as Temur Malcolm & Tana) is a creature-combo cEDH deck that often looks to be the most aggressive deck at the table, beat out only by the most all-in of Ad Nauseam decks. It is my favorite competitive Commander deck to play, and I have gotten a Top 16 … Read more

Top 10 Bestselling MTG Cards of the Week – 03/31/2023

Early March of the Machine previews leads to aggressive speculation. Earlier in the week, Wizards of the Coast kickstarted March of the Machine previews, where previews remain ongoing, showing off a range of exciting new cards. From the new Battle card type to other exciting additions such as Sword of Once and Future and Tribute to the World Tree, March of the … Read more

Modern Horizons Most Valuable MTG Cards, Explained

A financial retrospect of the two Modern Horizon releases. In 2019, Wizards of the Coast introduced an exciting new line of Magic: The Gathering products that would aim to support the popular eternal format, Modern. Modern Horizons came as a promise to print engaging new-to-Modern cards to bolster old archetypes and assemble new ones. In … Read more